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[Cerco] Jessie's Wobbuffet [Offro] JPN Halloween Shiny Gengar, Gamestop Charizard, other events


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Hello! I'm sorry for writing this post in Inglese, but I come from a trading forum where there are very few English traders and can not Seem to find what I'm looking for. 


I'm looking for a Pokemon Day ITA Jessie's Wobbuffet. It must be  UNCLONED.  I ask this because i come from a very strict trading forum with Certain rules, and a clone is not worth anything to me.  All  the events I am trading are uncloned, and I would like the same in return   :)


I would also like some  proof  for the Wobbuffet. It would be nice if You Had pictures at the event at Wonderland Park, but if not, a  picture of the Wondercard would work , like this:


I can offer any of the Following for the Wobbuffet.  Offered All Pokemon are and how uncloned with proof. 


Worlds VGC2014 Aegislash (ENG)  - Comes with  Wondercard proof  and  proof of attending the event.


Hong Kong / Taiwan Charizard Facebook Event  - I have  redeemed  Charizards That I can trade. All come with picture proof like this:


- German Gamestop Charizard Event - I have redeemed Charizards and serial codes That I can trade. All come with picture proof. 


VGC Mamoswine (GER)  - Comes with  Wondercard proof  and  proof of attending the event


Pokeball Vivillon (Paris)  - Comes with  Wondercard proof. 


"Pacifico"  Surfing Pikachu Minato Mirai  - Comes with  Wondercard proof.



 US/EU Gamestop   Halloween Shiny "White" Gengar codes - These I get myself! Comes with  Wondercard proof and  proof of redemption .


US/EU Gamestop Diancie codes


RNG'ed Shiny Legends  - I can  personally RNG  you  Shiny legendaries  from January 5.  (Including Latios, Latias, Thundurus, and Tornadus)  Ask for more details if you're interested.


Other events!


Please let me know if you would be willing to trade in Jessie's Wobbuffet! I've Been really looking for one. Again, it must be  uncloned!  Any proof you can Shops Shops Shops provide would be extremely helpful! Thank you for your time!

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