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Nuovo Leak Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu e Let's Go Eevee

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Ieri sera su 4Chan è apparso questo nuovo leak di DemiGodJack :


- A Pokemon Direct will be happening this Wednesday/Thursday (depending on your location) Expect the announcement 24 hours before.
- The now famous Lapras image IS Fake. It was constructed using models from Ultra Sun and Moon and was designed to be the southern area of Route 19. It's just a massive coincidence that it features an Eevee. 
- Eevee and Pikachu will receive ONE evolution each. Raichu is still an option, same goes for every Eeveelution.
- The battle system is very much the same as SM. Battles will not take place in the overworld as many are expecting. 
- Wild Pokemon will appear in the Overworld. Grass Patches and random cave/surf encounters are no longer a Pokemon tradition. Instead you will personally have to approach the Pokemon or let the Pokemon attack you.
- Again, battling Wild Pokemon Will not take place in the overworld. All is the same except for when it comes to catching the Pokemon with a ball. The angle/camera will change and the ball will appear just like Pokemon GO. You will be responsible for throwing the ball, with motion, swiping the screen of aiming with the analog stick.
- There is more to it than just a Pokemon GO copy. Pokemon will move around and try and dodge the ball. This can be prevented by paralyzing and poisoning (slowing), freezing and putting to sleep (keeping still). Burning however will make it more active.
- PokeRide is returning and HM moves are irrelevant. Sharpedo, Mudsdale and Stoutland will be replaced.
- The game is a reboot. Not a remaster. The region Kanto and the characters are all different.
- Gym leaders and the Elite Four will feature, most are new members and only a few return.
- The Pokedex will not be 151. Every Gen 1 Pokemon that has received new evolutions will be included. For example Kingdra and Mucnhlax will be in the game.
- New Pokemon will be in the game. Not just the new Eeveelution and Pikachu evolution.
- That's everything known so far. Don't believe me ask a 'trusted leaker'. They'll confirm.


Cosa ne pensate? Siamo vicini ad un annuncio la prossima settimana?

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Sono abbastanza diffidente. Non ho visto in questo leak info che non siano già state prese in considerazione dopo le rivelazioni di pixelpar & co. Qualcosa di vero c’è, ma non credo sia affidabile.

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Capopalestra Drago 

IMG_1820.PNG.a88d57405f96976837c4e96afaad5099.PNGCapo Drago del progetto Pokeleague 2019 IMG_1820.PNG.a88d57405f96976837c4e96afaad5099.PNG


(PokéFusion by @Deku-)


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